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Hi All,

I've just picked up my latest GT, another '69 model, although my other '69 is actually registered as a '70.

The question I've got relates to the washer system as the car doesn't have the floor operated washer pump.

I thought I'd then find that washing would take place by pressing the end of the indicator stalk, but this turns out to operate headlights, which I think is right?

The car does have a second stalk and what looks like the optional intermitant wipe system but can someone advise me with what they think or know the right set up should be.

I'm guessing the car is an early '69 as it has a flat rear panel car.

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The '69 Gt has the push button high beam switch at the end of the directional stalk. Don't know about the second stalk..... Must be an add-on.

Could you send me the VIN and the Production number that's on the drivers side of the radiator support for our registry project?
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