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Today there was really Cool Car Show ,Here in the Hudson Valley, NY
and sponsored by the Local Rotary Club, Held at a private Airport / Restaurant and has it's own runway.

The show cars are parked beside the airport runway on the grassy field and super nice planes fly into the show, skydivers too!

I met a fellow Opeler there, Greg Brown from Upstate NY with his Super Nice 76 Opel Kadett we agreed on a meeting spot... with these large shows of over three hundred cars,,, """ If you Arrive Together ,,you can park together show"" So we Did

thumbnail (3).jpg

thumbnail (1).jpg

His Kadett is probably the nicest I've seen around these parts.. and it just Draws crowds of people,, pretty cool

Both our Cars got Tons and Tons of attention... I think that felt better than the trophy :veryhappy


the class is TOP 50 Cars Awards,, and some special muscle car Trophies,,,
So we both waited to the Awards ceremonies ,,, and sure enough two Opel Winners "" Top 50"" thumbnail.jpg with a show field of over 300 really nice shows cars, the weather was perfect too, two happy Opelers :veryhappy

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Nice looking cars and congratulations to you both. Way to go representing the Opel world :yup: It looked like a beautiful day.
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