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Wiper problems

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My wipers won't work. I cheked the fuse, it's good, Back up light works, horn does not. Pulled wiper moter and hooked it up hot and it works. I've read the thread on wiper gremlins and was wondering if any one has by-passed the foot pump. Do you think that will work?

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when this happend to me i had already disconnected the foot switch wires and taped each one off sepratley, and my wipers worked fine then one day they stoped working so i was like sh$t and i looked for every thing i thought it could be, i turned out that it was the fuse, all my fuses are those ceramic type ones not the glass, although one had been replaced with a small glass type one, this happend to be the fuse that ran the wiper motor when i took a quick glance it looked like the fuse was ok but i finally was like cant hurt to try the fuse so i pull it out and the fuse is blown so i go grab anthor fuse and stick it in and boom the wipers work perfect. just one thing to check.
no i jus coverd each connector with a piece of tape and ziptied them up a lill so my foot wouldnt hit them.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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