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I need wiring diagram for opel omega a (cavalier, i think) automatic trans.
AW 03-71 L.-wire kickdown,no economy, sport or winter modes,neither
electronic adjusments.does´t shift 4:th gear.oil level checked.transm.
moved from org. car to my (ex) 5 speed manual.

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Not many Opels later than 1975 on this site as that is when they stopped importing them into the U.S.A.
However I have a AW-03-71 non-lockup 4-speed auto trans out of an Isuzu Impulse that I hope to adapt to my Opel motor.
The wiring diagram looks very simple with the Over Drive solenoid simply being turned on or off to opereate the fourth gear. There are no computer controls and the "Lock-up" feature is operated by the governor.
Can't lay hands upon my Isuzu electrical wiring book - but will keep looking for a wiring diagram.
Hope That Helps a bit.
GT Jim

PS: Welcome to the Opel Community
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