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Detroit,where my home was
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In the many years that I have had Opels I collected the following Workshop Manuals in .jpg and .pdf file format:

Ascona-Manta A Olyslager
Ascona-Manta B Olving
Kadett C Wp Hb
Rekord E 22E Le-Jetronic Injectie

Ascona-Manta A Ws Hb
Ascona-Manta A Ws Hb mit GTE Zusatz
Ascona-Manta B Ws Hb
Ascona B 400 Ws Hb Handbuch und Teilekatalog
Blitz 1961 1.9 Ton Ws Hb
Blitz 1966 1.9-2.1 Ton Ws Hb
Blitz 1966 1.5-1.7-1.9 ton Ws Teile Katalog
GT Ws Hb
Kadett D Wp Hb
Rekord C Ws Hb

Getrag 240 Ws Hb
Getrag 265 Ws Hb
Kadett C ZF 5 Gang Getriebe
Omega Stromlaufplan

Kadett E Haynes
Multi Valve V6 Engines (Vauxhall)

German- English
Kadett B-GT Ws Hb
C20--- Engine

If you are interested just send me a PM with your e-mail address and mention the workshop manual you want and I'll send it to you in a few days.

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2.2. 2.4. 3.0

What Manuel's would I look for. I would like all the engine and fi info :yup:

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That's a very nice offer Erick, thank you for taking the time!
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