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If you have a Manta, your options are much more open. The Miata seats are popular for the GT, but Manta's have a lot more room. I have a set of leather seats out of a '88 Acura Legend in my '74 Manta that I picked up from Gary at Carlisle a couple of years ago. They're super nice and comfortable (and the driver's side is 6-way power adjustable!).
I think Charles did a swap of some Toyota or Nissan (?) seats in a Manta that turned out nice as well. If your choices are either Miata or WRX seats, go with the ones that are most comfortable. If the WRX seats are similar in size to the Miata ones, either one can likely be made to fit with little difficulty.
Gene Smith (BQS4) has a nice method of using the original frames to mount other seats (especially Recaros) in a Manta/1900/Sportwagon. Or, you can fab up your own mounts and incorporate the original clamps that mount the seats to the floor.
Todd K.
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