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In the late 70's My Dad got all into Opels.
I don't even remember how many Manta's and wagons he had.
We were the only ones around here actually rebuilding the engines and transmissions for them back then.
I had one of the Manta's but wrecked it one bad winter night.
Before that I had a couple of the wagons. And a 71 GT.
I recall the Blue Wagon and the blizzard in Ohio in 1977. Probably my best story!

I graduated in 1976. I'd sold my 1965 Mustang with a 302 as I was about to get married and had my Son in the oven.
So I bought the Blue from my Dad. I did what any self respecting young Guy would do! I put a White Ape Hair liner in it.
Because the winters can be cold here in Ohio? I made a divider to block off the back (Kept the heat up front) but it had a window so the rear view mirror was still good to see out the back.

Now the blizzard hit us and after days locked down? I got my best friend and we decided to go look at things.
We loaded up in Blue with several cases of refreshments. (I didn't SAY we were smart back then)
And We took a ride around Northern Ohio.

Now my Buddy had never been in Blue but liked it. I asked him if he'd seen the back with the Ape Hair.
That is where things went comically wrong! (All good stories need the comically wrong point)

As We had been driving around for hours, testing the refreshments, just having a good time, and wondering at the 10 foot tall snow banks? We were a slight bit distracted.

I asked if he'd seen the back at which point he said no. So I told him to turn on the side light above the right rear door.
Now here's where a TRUE movie moment comes in!!

He couldn't find it all bent over the passenger seat, Us going down a snowy road at about 45 MPH, and me all helpful?
"Here! I'll show you!"
At which point I turned around to reach over and turn the light on.
Just as I proudly flipped that light on? Blue did a lurch. Leaning over the seats my Buddy and I locked eyes and started screaming!

As we turned around We were greeted with the view of a 12 foot snow bank dead ahead and there was no chance to avoid it! Not only that but there was a telephone pole in the middle of it!

Several microseconds pasted as Blue went into slide mode. All the while We are in freak out mode!
In retrospect? It was a Bill and Ted moment about to be born.

After what seemed hours of a rough ride? We safely exited Blue.
Now planted firmly a top a 12 foot snow bank right beside the telephone pole!

Enter Ted and Bill moment!
"DUDE! That was SO COOL!"
"DUDE! We need to dump the cans!"
Scramble to pitch stuff........
"How we gonna get out of here?"
(at this point I am prepared. With a shovel! Which did not go well!)

After about an hour of shoveling and watching Blue go deeper and deeper into the snow bank?
A Farmer came by and pulled us down.
I still recall his words.
"You Boys make Idiots look good."

Wife walked out today and saw me hugging the GT.
THAT will probably be a whole new story!

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"You Boys make Idiots look good." LOL... that is the best part.

So were you over on the Cleveland side or the Toledo side of No. OH? I was at OSU for the '82 blizzard in Columbus... -23F and blowing hard.
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