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Today I was contacted by a prominent member of this group about submitting and article for The Blitz. My reply:
Mike Meier said:
Thank you for considering submitting an article. There are a lot of topics on this site that could be made great articles. A couple people actually use the forums to draft an article and get feedback before sending it on to me.

I'm very flexible on the text details. I can work with Word files, RTF, TXT, Open Office, and even Wordperfect, which is what I use to produce The Blitz.

A full page of text is about 800 words. Once I add the photos the page count could double, but don't worry about any of that. I've published 5,000 word 14 page articles before. If an article seems to long we can split it into parts for separate issues.

I get kind of picky about photos. Embed them with the text if you like, but please also separate send high-res originals. I will crop and make whatever adjustments are needed, and I'll add arrows and other annotation if those are needed.

I can't pay for articles, but I can send you a complementary copy of the issue your article appears in.

Thanks, Mike
And I might add, I can work with audio files, can record phone conversations, and even scan photos, slides, and film negatives.

There are stories in this section and in others as well that would make great articles. If you think you'd like to comb through a thread you started and turn it into an article, please do. I would be very happy to include more voices and points of view in The Blitz.

Mike Meier, editor of The Blitz

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The blitz still going? I figured it died out a long time ago since the site hasn't been updated in 6 years.
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