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"zastrow" body kit

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hello, how are you?

recently I saw manta's for sale on ebay.de with widened fenders. I have been told that it's name is "zastrow" body kit. do you know where I can buy this body kit?

here's a link to ebay for some pictures:


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i dont know but that is one nice manta.
Zastrow was a German tuning parts manufacturer. They don't exist anymore for quite some years.

I thought GT Source sold those flares at one point. Ask Gil or Dennis.
Manta Flares and Kits

I can check with DS Racing (Deiter Sadlmaier)and see if he is producing any Kits or if he may have some to sell he had a Tuning Parts Company when he was in Germany, and now lives here in the States. He owns all of the Manta B's in our group also the Ascona/Manta front end with flares. Let me know and i will send the a e-mail.
The arches look identical to the TE2800 arches, it looks as though someone else developed some "extra bits" such as side skirts and bumper to add on to the arches.
Interestingly enough, Manta 'A' owners here in England have been sourcing the TE2800 arches from the US
Lenk opel tuning ( http://www.lenk-opel-tuning.de/ ) has some of these flares and sideskirts available...

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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