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This past weekend I spent watching the Zippo vintage grand prix in watkins glen NY (which is about a half hour from my house) it was so cool to see vintage cars doing average track times of VERY FAST the most amazing was a little red morris mini, it lead every race that it was in. In the parking lot I was next to about 6 corvettes and one of which it's owner raced in the mil milia and at la mans and to my surprise they loved the opel, there was usually a crowd around it, I only got one negative comment when I was going through the ticket gate and a guy in a truck next to me called it a "fake vette" Later on saturday I went to the local cruise at walmart and it was the biggest turn out I've ever seen probably about 150 cars, and a guy came up to me and said he saw my opel at the glen, and he appreciated that brought it to the cruise to see it up close and talk to me, before he left he said he hasn't seen an "opel manta" in at least 20 years thought I didn't explain that it was a GT.
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