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Zoning Officer

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My local Zoning Officer once again hates me and anything i do. I was ticketed today for having a car with a flat tire AND a car on jack stands. That is "two inopreable vehicles" in my driveway. Last I checked, repairing a vehicle that is registered, inspected and insured was not a crime.

I EMailed the Mayor about this just now. I have a neighbor down the road that ended up moving out of NY State because of this Zoning Officer and his harassment.
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Find his boss or better his boss’s boss and complain. Call your local alderman/supervisor ward person give then $20 buck towards their re-election and complain! Complain! Complain! Say that is some kind of discrimination and that the person has a vendetta and complain complain.... Squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Say you are going to sue for harassment. There is absolutely nothing they can do to you for working on a car off the street on your own property especially if the car is registered AND insured no less.

Most likely you have a busy body neighbor who is a crony of the guy bugging you who is putting a bug in his ear.

Sting back!!!

I'd probably be waiting for him next time on the front porch with a shotgun. Sure would be fun to look down the barrel at him while you call the police and press charges against him for trespassing.

Definitly worth the time to go to court and talk to the judge. Purdon of proof is on him to prove that they are inoperable, which would be hard to do if they have current inspections.

If it is a nosey neighbor, I could bring the world's ugliest truck over and park it in your driveway. It is such an eyesore I don't even like it in my own yard, and it would certainly be worse than the couple of Opels. With the SD registration it is almost untouchable to boot. Let me know if you're interested, it would only take a few hours to get there...
Getting even.

Find a old used toilet. set it in your front yard at least 20 feet from the curb.(Solves the easment problem) Fill the bowl with dirt. Plant flowers. Preferably ragweed. (no flames, I have hay fever too.) Should bring a tear to any zoning inspectors eye.

Good luck.;)
Before you go to the trouble of complaining & making yourself an enemy of the zoning officer, I'd advise finding out what the zoning situation really is. They differ from agency to agency. Just because it's in your driveway doesn't necessarily mean it's OK to work on it. Some places are real tough.

Also, have a friendly discussion with the officer to find out what's driving the complaint. If it is a neighbor (and they shouldn't be telling which one) you're just outta luck.

Basis for harassment is most likely only if they cite you, but not others working on their cars in their driveways. You've got to show a "differential" treatment.
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