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opelgt722002 said:

As I understand it, this will lower the front 1 7/8" without the harsh ride that usually results with lowering the GT. Does it also eliminate the bump steer issue?
Yes it will lower the font of the GT. How much depends on where you install the sleeve in the arm and how deep you ream the spindle. You are correct in that it won't stiffen the front end as a stiffer spring would but it will be stiffer than if you had added shackles.

As for the bump steer it will depend greatly on the ream depth and ball joint placement but it will most likely make the bump steer worse.

One word of caution. I know that Bobs used the ball joints in a GT with his fiberglass spring but I don't know if he's
used a stock spring or any other aftermarket spring. I am currently using an OGTS spring and the eye at the end is HUGE. In fact, I had to modify the spring to prevent it from binding against the stock ball joint which is MUCH smaller than the Chrysler ball joint especially when you consider the size of the Chrysler sleeve.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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